If you are considering selling your home, it is important to contact a full time professional real estate agent early in the home selling process. Selling a home involves much more than just paperwork! The earlier in the process you involve your Coldwell Banker Island Living REALTOR®, the more service we can provide to you to make sure that your home sells for the highest price with the least amount of inconvenience to you. When your Coldwell Banker Island Living real estate agent prepares your Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), we will explain the current market value of your home or property, and why this is the current value. We look at a variety of factors some of which include: • Location, location, location

• View, amenities of neighborhood and desirability of neighborhood. For example in Anacortes, we evaluate the homes within the neighborhood (Cap Sante, Old Town, Skyline, Island View, Highlands, Marine Heights, Rock Ridge, Cedar Glen, Dewey Beach, Portalis, San Juan Passage, Clearidge, Fidalgo Bay Estates, with homes in the same neighborhood...)

•Size of lot, lot improvements, topography of land, potential uses, zoning, condition of neighboring properties

•Size, age, number of bedrooms, baths, and condition of your home and property

•Floor plan, style, amenities of homes, garage, out buildings etc.

•Relevant home sales, current inventory of similar homes for sale, homes in the same neighborhood, homes that are "under contract" (pending but not yet closed)...

•Expireds/Cancelled listings: homes that were listed but did not sell

•The value of your land in addition to the value of the improvements on the property depreciated

•Absorption Rate of Inventory (The rate properties are selling vs. the number of homes for sale)

•Seller motivation: your willingness to stage your home, price the home properly, and accommodate showings. Our Coldwell Banker Island Living Anacortes real estate agents can give you advice on how to stage your home with minimal investment for maximum return. In this competitive real estate climate it is essential that your property be prepared for the home selling process.

Pricing your home is a small part of the total service we provide to our home sellers. We can help you find the right service providers to prepare your home for sale, we know what to do and how to do it cost effectively, and we help you through every step of the process. However, that is just the beginning! Once we list your home we execute a comprehensive marketing program that involves dozens of websites, print advertising, direct mail, networking, agents tours, and many other tools unique only to Coldwell Banker Island Living.

When we receive an offer on your home we will negotiate on your behalf to obtain the terms and conditions that are acceptable to you. We will assist with any issues that might come up on inspection, and again will use our resources to provide information, through our qualified list of service providers.

To insure your Anacortes home sells for the highest price and within your time frame, call one of our experienced Anacortes real estate agents for your complimentary no obligation market analysis. We will educate you on the real estate market in your neighborhood, offer suggestions to attract more home buyers in order to achieve a higher price, share our unique and aggressive marketing program, and explain the home selling services we provide before , during, and after the sales process.

We would love the opportunity to show you our unique and innovative marketing programs customized for your property!

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1. Curb Appeal is Vital. Many buyers find your Anacortes home online and then do “drive bys” to see if they want to view the inside of your home. CURB APPEAL is more important than ever! Hide garbage cans, lawn tools, and kids’ toys. Paint the exterior if needed, and if not, wash the siding. You would be amazed at how washing the outside of your home can improve the look of the paint!
2. The Front Entrance of your home must be clean. Many La Conner and Anacortes home owners do not use the front door of their home, but buyers will, so stand on your porch for several minutes and study your entry. Does it need paint? Are there spider webs? Does it need pressure washing? Do you need a new door mat? Is your door handle worn and old looking? Home buyers will be looking at all of these things while the showing agent unlocks the lock box and then yourfront door. Home buyers will form their general opinion of your La Conner or Anacortes home before they even see inside!
3. Send curtains out to be cleaned. Dust all blinds, clean window and door tracks, have the carpets cleaned, paint if needed, or touch up paint at a minimum. Scrub everything, clean out closets, (yes, buyers will look in your closets) straighten the pantry, etc. Cluttered closets give the impression of insufficient storage space.
4. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most important rooms to have perfectly clean. They must sparkle, have no odors, and look as close to new as possible, especially if there are new homes in your price range. Don’t leave as much as a coffee cup in the sink, and leave your home freshly vacuumed.
5. Declutter and depersonalize! If it is smaller than a breadbox, pack it. Hide all pet beds and toys, do not leave newspapers or magazines out, put away all children’s toys, take down or put away all personal photographs….if your home looks stark and empty, you are almost there!
6. Make sure that ALL lights and lamps are on every time you leave the house. It makes your home feel much more welcoming. If your home is dark, check to see if your lamps will accommodate a higher wattage bulb. Play soft mellow music in the background.
7. Make ALL beds everyday. Wash linen weekly and do not leave dirty clothes in a hamper for more than a day or two. When your home is closed up, dirty clothes can cause an odor that you may not notice, but a potential buyer with a sensitive nose will.
8. Keep pets out of the way when showing as they can frighten or distract a buyer or agent. I am a pet lover, but I know several agents that will not show a home with an unattended dog in the house.
9. Leave your home during all showings. It makes buyers very uncomfortable if you are home, so it is best to leave. Never try to show the home yourself as the agent knows which features will have the broadest appeal to their buyers. If you are in the home, buyers will cut the time they spend in the house short. Home buyers feel pressured by a seller if the seller is there to show the house.
This article gives some great tips on how to boost your curb appeal if you are thinking of selling your home! It is written By Paul Bianchina, Inman News

Whether selling or staying, first impression makes world of difference

You’ve no doubt heard the term “curb appeal,” which is the first impression that your home makes when a visitor arrives. Whether you have your home up for sale or just want things to look a little nicer when you or someone else pulls up out in front, the best place to start is by giving the front of your home a critical examination.

Driveway: A driveway, by necessity, tends to be a fairly dominant feature, and it is often one of the first things that a person sees when they arrive at your home. If you have a concrete driveway that is oil-stained, check with your local home center for cleaners that can spruce it up. While you’re there, get a crack repair compound and take care of smaller cracks before they become larger. For asphalt driveways, a seal-coat can often make a big difference in appearance and help prolong the asphalt as well.
For concrete or asphalt that is badly damaged, it’s time to be thinking about replacement. You can replace the driveway with the same material as before, or consider an updated look by using paving stones instead — they hold up well in all types of weather, and can even be a very satisfying do-it-yourself project.

Walkways: When someone arrives, is there a clear and safe path to your front door? You may not mind walking across your front lawn, but guests and prospective buyers would definitely prefer a walkway. There are lots of options for creating a new front walkway or replacing an existing one, so check out your home center or some landscaping magazines for ideas.

Landscaping: Speaking of landscaping, do you actually have any? Is it well maintained? Few things look worse out front than an overgrown or neglected yard, and you can often remedy things with a little hard work and some minimal expense. Cut back or remove trees and bushes that have gotten out of control. Feed the lawn to get it to green up again, or consider removing all or part of it and replacing it with low-maintenance materials.
If you have planter beds, be sure they’re weeded and have fresh bark in them. Plan your landscaping to create a visual appeal by not having all the same type of plant. Intersperse some plants that provide spots of color at different times of the year, and mix plants for different heights as well.

Shade Trees: Consider adding a couple of new shade trees in front. Trees are good for the environment in general; they help a home look more established and appealing; and they can help lower your summer cooling costs as well. Trees look best planted in odd numbers — a grouping of three or five, for example — and the folks at your local nursery can help you with proper spacing.

Exterior Paint: There is probably nothing that will help or hurt the outside of your home as much as how your paint job looks. A fresh coat of paint in up-to-date colors works wonders, while old, peeling paint in a color scheme that went out of style when Eisenhower was president can really ruin a first impression.
If the paint is in generally good condition and just has a few bad spots, spend a couple of hours with a paint scraper and a can of exterior primer to get things ready for touch up, then have your local paint store match you up a gallon of paint and touch up the primed areas so they blend in. You might also want to consider repainting the eaves or window trim in a fresh new color to liven things up a little.

A New Entrance: Your front door is one spot that every visitor has to pass though, and it can make a lasting impression. A fresh coat of paint or stain can sometimes do the trick, but if your door is badly beat up you should consider replacing it. Check with a local company that specializes in doors (not a home center) and see about having a new door matched to your existing frame. The door company will cut the door, mortise the hinges, and drill for the locks using your old door as a pattern, so you can slip the new door right into place without expensive frame alterations or extensive carpentry.
Whether you’re getting a new door or working with your old one, make sure that there are no squeaks or groans when it opens, and that it fits well in the frame without binding. Check the operation of the door handle and deadbolt; check the condition of the weatherstripping; and don’t forget the operation of any screen and storm doors.

Cleaning: Last but far from least, clean things up a little. Pick up any trash that’s accumulated, including dead leaves, cigarette butts and other small debris. Wash the siding to remove dirt, dust and cobwebs, and wash the windows. Hose off the walkways periodically, and make sure that all exterior lighting is operational. Finally, clean off the front porch — including porch furniture and knick-knacks — so that that area is clean and inviting as well.
When a home seller gets an offer, the seller needs to take into account many things beyond the offered price.

Getting you the best price is critical, but there are other components of an offer that are important to consider before accepting an offer on your property:

Is the offer subject to financing? If so, what is the length of time and is the buyer prequalified? What percentage is going to be put down? What kind of loan is it? Is it a local lender, an out of the area lender, or an on-line lender? It all makes a difference!

Is the offer subject to the buyers obtaining insurance on the home? If so, what is the time frame?

Is the offer subject to inspection? If so, what do they intend to have inspected and in what time frame?

What is the closing date? Does that date work for you?

How much is the earnest money? What is the remedy if the buyer defaults? When can it be disbursed?

Is the possession date the same as the closing date? Do you know why it is not in your best interest to have a possession date later than a closing date?

Every real estate offer and every transaction is as unique as each home seller, so we will review every detail to make sure it is the BEST offer. Then we will monitor each and every detail to make sure the transaction is effortless for you!

Professional real estate representation will make the transaction smooth. Contact your Coldwell Banker Island Living real estate agent for a free market analysis. There is no obligation of course!